Sunday, 27 December 2015

Skin Treats

I'm not a fan of harmattan. I despise this period of the year in all honesty. For one I'm plagued with a cold and a sore throat and asides that I can't be lackadaisical with my skin routine. I normally don't put an effort into my skin routine throughout the year but once harmattan kicks in, I really have to develop a routine of some sort. During this dry season I develop a routine and I've absolutely been loving it these past few weeks. I kept it as simple as possible so that I wouldn't get burdensome.

First thing first I've been obsessed with the Dudu Osun moisturizing lotion and the Ultimate Organics moisturizing body gloss. They're both pretty affordable and effective in my opinion. I apply the moisturizing lotion all over my body and the go in with the body gloss. I find that for me, the body gloss is a bit heavy so I only use small quantities on the parts of my body I want some shine so as to have the appearance of really  healthy, glowing skin.

I've found that these two products have left my skin feeling and looking better than before and that my normally dry skin has become a lot healthier looking and smoother.

How about, you share your routines and favorite lotions below. :) 


  1. Wow. Dudu pain has moisturizer? What a waawu! I didn't know.

    1. Yes oh it does, I was shocked when I found out. I'm still struggling to wrap my head around bloglovin tbh. btw, lowkey you're one of my role models

  2. Tried to follow you on bloglovin but I don't think your bloglovin is updated for the posts there are all from 2015.
    Love your blog!


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