Saturday, 11 June 2016

Morticia Inspired

Growing up, I spent quite some time watching the addams family. My favorite character of the bunch definitely had to be Morticia Addams. Maybe it was her black outfit or her underlying allure, whatever it was, I just adored the character.

A while back, I out shopping with my mum and I saw this dress hanging from a rather dingy store and all I could think of was Morticia Addams, I'ts a thrifted piece but I must say, I'm in love with it. Now the dress isn't as long as that of Morticia's but its pretty nice cause it makes it much better for day to day wear. A younger me swore never to wear bell sleeves and I fought a battle with that bit of myself when I picked up this dress, I hated the way they looked when I was much younger and the irony of it all just makes me laugh because I see myself loving the things I hated when I was  younger. 

I added a fedora hat because the heat in Lagos at the moment is rather unbearable to be honest, and I've gotta shield my face from the sun, man cant go around squinting anyhow. For footwear, I decided on  basic blocks sandals cause they are pretty practical not too dressy and pretty casual and comfortable too.

I opted for as little jewelry as possible for two reasons. 1) I'm not a jewelry person 2) This weather isn't conducive for such behavior to be honest.

Dress - Laundry by Shelli Segal (thrifted)
Shoes - Gifted
Bag - Primark
Hat - Roadside Purchase
Necklace - Roadside Purchase
Chocker - D.I.Y

Let me know, who was your favorite cartoon character growing up?

Thanks For Reading xx


  1. The dress is nice. I loved the fact you paired a Fedora with it

    Beth fayemi's blog

  2. The dress is so lovely and i love your frames.
    Your blog is pretty


    1. Hey Hey, Thank a lot. thanks but your blog is 100 sha

  3. Similarity in pure form...daayum! Same here! The Addams family yes!, the dress and Fedora,Yes!,
    you're the black and happier version of Mortisha..inGomez'svoice: Ahh Cara Mia, Querida!!! ..muah muah muah... #straightface
    In other words good Job.. hehee the blog and leibster award.
    Don't thank me,but you're welcome.

    1. I'm trying so hard not to thank you bit I can't help it. Thanks a whole lot, I really appreciate the comment. My life goal was to be Wednesday when I was younger ^_^. I was about tho give up on my blog as par my short attention span and I saw this. Thanks for making my week 😊


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