Saturday, 13 August 2016

DIY - Flower Crown

Hi guys, Now I'm a huge fan of D.I.Y's and whenever I get a chance to pick up a new project, I go all in. The Blogger Point Brunch is happening in a couple of days and the theme is floral and there was a little commendation list that included a Floral crown. Last time I saw a floral crown for sale was a year ago I think and I remember standing in the store with my cousin and agreeing that we weren't going to spend 2k on fake flowers so yesterday, I decided to try my luck and make one of my own. after surfing the internet looking for easy but eye catching crown/hairband, I found a blog post HERE and a video HERE. I ended up going with the video but I made a couple of tweaks to make it mine. 

Things You'll Need:
Thread and a Needle
A Tape Measure
A Headband or an Alice band
A Pair of Scissors 
A Candle or a lighter ( I prefer Candles)

For each flower you'll need 15 pieces of 3.9/4 inch ribbon (to be honest my short attention span got the best of me and I stopped measuring at some point).

Once you have you strips, all you have to do is apply heat to both ends of the strips to prevent them from fraying.

Fold 1

Fold 2

Fold 3

Fold 4

Once you've gotten this triangle shaped thing (petal), you're pretty much set

All you have to do is tack them together

Join both ends together 

and pull

Now each flower has three layers. The base layer has 7 petals, the one in the middle has 5 and the top layer has 3 petals. 

Once you have all three layers ready, all you have to do is stack them up and sew them together

In the tutorial I watched, she did create a pretty nice center piece but I was too tired to watch the rest of the video so I just sew a white bead in the center and  reckon it looks pretty decent.

After about 2 hours of hard work, help from my mum and siblings I successfully completed 7 flowers. Once the flowers were done, I sewed them unto the headband and voilà.

Thanks for reading and as always, stay beautiful. XXX

Do you love DIY's?

Do you have any ongoing DIY projects? 

Do you have any DIY's you'd like me to try out?

Please leave a comment, I'll love to hear from you


  1. I'm also excited about the upcoming brunch and I've been thinking of ways to make my floral crown. Thank you for this DIY, I'll definitely try it out but instead of sewing I'll use hot glue gun, I hope I get it. Btw, your crown is so lovely.

    Beth fayemi's blog
    How to survive as a student blogger

    1. Heyy, I'm really glad to hear this. Wait wait, where did you get a glue gun from? I've been looking for one, help a sister out 😊😊

  2. Love the headband. I'm a fan of DIY but laziness tends to get the best of me. I might just try this out now or prolly add it to my long list of DIY projects to start. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey ^_^. Glad I could help 😊😊

  4. Wow! I'm a huge fan of DIYs. This is something my daughter would love.
    I love the headband!

  5. I love the flower crown, but you didn't wear it 😒😒

    1. Thanks a whole lot. I actually forgot it 😭😭😭😭


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