Monday, 8 August 2016

Freedom Park + Lagos Island

We didn't start our day with intentions of getting anywhere near the island but sometimes things don't go as planned and you end up in the most unexpected places. Take me for example, the plan was to end up with two blog posts from one outing and I find myself struggling to write one. The plan was to attend chill and chow but when we called the planners of the event they informed us that it had been moved, never in my life have I been so upset as I was in that moment but, what can one do? Slightly upset, we made our way back to our base camp A.K.A aunt Eka's house and then an opportunity presented itself, our uncle offered to take us to Freedom Park.

During my short stint as an intern I passed freedom park everyday on my way home and it was just so unassuming. On my short keke napep trips from Obalende to CMS I always marveled at the colonial architecture along the route while eating my dundun and wondered why no one bothered to maintain their beauty but when it came to freedom park, I didn't bother to give it a second glance. Granted, the walls are too high for you see anything, I always liked the look of the Ganiyu Smith Road Sign and told myself that if I ever do get the chance to build my dream home, I would look like one of the old buildings and my house number would look just like the Ganiyu Smith sign. 

I always assumed it was a basic park. Little did I know that is was the Old Lagos Prison that served as a form of colonial oppression and I think whoever designed park did an amazing job of creating a nice relaxing park and preserving the the history behind the park.

When we entered Freedom Park my inner photographer was literally over the moon as I gawked at the endless possibilities before me but my bubble was burst very quickly when I was told I had to pay 10k to take pictures which I must add is preposterous to say the least. We did get there early and we were told the live band and play scheduled for the day wouldn't start till much later in the day so with time to kill, we decided to go for a walk.

My aunt and uncle were amazing and very patient as they showed us around and told a little bit about certain buildings we came across on our walk. We spent a great deal of our time in TBS (Tafawa Balewa Sqaure) and I found out that the National Assembly used to be there up until Abuja was made the capital of Nigeria. I happen to be a fan of Tafawa Balewa, don't ask me why, I don't know but I remember taking a liking for him when we briefly discussed him in my secondary school Government class.

I apologize in advance for the inconsistency in picture quality but we had to use our phone cause we refused to pay 10k to use a camera. I still don't understand why I have to pay 10k yes, it used to be a prison but then you an go to badagry, take pictures for free and even get to touch the shackles and see a lot more but you know, what do I know about anything. We ended up listening to a live band and eating asun. Overall, It was a pretty fun day.

Thanks for reading and as usual, stay beautiful. XXX

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Lagos? 
What are some of your favourite places to visit in your city?

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  1. I really want to visit the freedom park heard some stories about the place that I'll can to confirm myself. LCC is at the top of my list of places to visit in Lagos.
    I love the picture quality and I couldn't even tell that the pictures were taken with a phone until you mentioned it. 10k is just a ridiculous sum to pay to take pictures but i cant even expect less from the officalso in charge.
    P.s You look great in all your pictures and welcome to the off shoulder gang

    1. Hey b. If you're going you should definitely go in the evening and I heard there's monthly event called Afropolitan Vibes, It well definitely be a great starter. I was stunned about the 10k the worst part was they were rude about it. and there was a lovely wall outside with dangling tree vines, when we tried to take picture they told us the wall was theirs... so unfortunate :(. I've been to the LCC, it really is beautiful. :$ :$

  2. I love love your frames and you have a beautiful smile. 10K to use a camera. Lol, outrageous.
    Long,Big Feet Palava

    1. Thanks a lot b, See me see wahala. They were now rude about the issue but what can one do. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. The pictures are still amazing and your outfit is giving me life!!!
    Ps-is that Ore Otoki in the blue skirt? If so she's so grown now lol.. Was her senior in sec school.

    1. Heyyy,Thanks a lot. Yes its Ore, we're cousins. I'm definitely mention this to her.


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