Monday, 1 August 2016

konamii, Shirley Temples and an Unexpected Trip

Hi guys. I've mentioned that i'm a bit of a homebody and that I've been looking to try new thing and visit new places. To kick off things,  I attended konamii with my cousins over the weekend and I must say it was a weekend well spent. It was my first "major" outing and I won't lie it was a tad bit overwhelming but as the day went on, I got to see a ton of familiar faces and I very quickly began to feel at home. Regardless of the rain and several other factors that tried to ruin the day for me, I still had a ton of fun.

If you don't know, Konamii is an annual charity football tournament and this was the 4th edition. So in essence, I've been meaning to attend Konamii since I was in SS3 (Senior Secondary School 3) and I finally got the balls to do so.

Right off the bat, my regular foodie instincts kicked in and my cousins and I got chicken and chips. The only problem with eating at a gathering like this is the struggle to avoid being a meme. Lucky for me, none of my pictures have been made into meme so it's safe to say I survived.

In the search of a clean bathroom, My cousins and I found ourselves at an MRS filling station and they were nice enough to allow us use theirs. While we waited for a man at the filling station to hook us up, We noticed how beautiful the wall was and it very quickly became our mini studio. Can't lie I was a little nervous about taking pictures in a busy filling station but once we started taking pictures, I let go of my previous inhibitions.

Overall it was a different experience for me. It was nice to leave the nest and just relax with friends and family, drink a couple of shirley temples and just have a good time. Least I forget, my favorite drink at the moment is a shirley temple. I really wanted to take a 'gram worthy picture but your girl forgot every time she took a sip.

The main highlight was getting to hang out with Eno and Ore. Hopefully we get have some more outings together. P.s. Eno has a pretty neat blog of her own. To check her out click, HERE

I clearly can't tell the difference between land and water
Were you at Konamii? Are there any upcoming events you're excited about? Please leave a comment below.

What I Wore
Crop Top - boohoo
Shirt - Authentic Country Road (thrifted)
Trousers - Forever 21
shoes - Clark
Necklace - Jos zoo
Bag - Haute Signatures

Thanks for reading and as always, stay beautiful. XXX


  1. I decided not to attend Konami this year. The place was overcrowded last year and the struggle to eat, sit or even move was too crazy for me to repeat this year. I love the pictures and you look good.
    What weave is that?
    P.s l'm so psyched I'll be attending the blogger point brunch this August.

    1. This was my first one and I won't lie there was barely any place to sit. There was plenty food tho, a little overpriced but what can a man do?. As for the hair its Naomi Boom by expression. I'm so excited about it, hopefully I'll be confident enough to network and say hi :)

  2. I love the way you transformed the hair. It looks very different. I can be very shy when I'm in a new environment with new faces and all but I'm sure I'll still be confident enough to network. See you at the brunch dear.

  3. I'm glad you had fun and all, but can I just say you are gorgeous! The second photo in this post had me shook. You make looking gorgeous look so effortless. I love your outfit, it's so me! I love your cousin's blog too, I followed her ages ago and have read her posts. It's so cool to stumble across family member blogs

  4. Hey you are so young , energetic and full if life. I love your high spirit and your love to explore the beauty of things around you. I've also watched konaami once in my life.


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