Thursday, 1 September 2016

TBP Brunch + Attempting Networking

Hi guys, I hope you're doing good. About a week ago I attended a blogger brunch hosted by the blogger point. They happen to the only agency that currently cater to bloggers and other content creators. I was a bucket of nerves when I got there but after a conversation with Beth and Sogie, I definitely opened up and felt a lot more at home.


First Official Mirror Selfie

Sogie and Beth
I typically avoid situations like this but before I knew it, it was a full house and I struggled to keep up. As the day progressed,  I got to talk to a couple of people, exchanged contact information and took a couple of pictures. We were introduced to Mariam, the founder of the blogger point and the rest of team that put the event together.

Fangirl and Cassie

Tracy ft Kayinsola's arm
There was this amazing aura about being in a room full of so many creative people. I ended up getting into a conversation with a couple of people and we talked about the problems we faced and the ones we have faced. We also discussed how we solved the problems and the possibilities of collaborations. I fangirled so hard when Cassie showed up and if not for kanyinsola, I wouldn't have said hi but then she made me and I'm so glad she did. Much to surprise, Noble Igwe turned out to be the special guest. He spoke to us for a while and he definitely left me with a lot to resonate on. 

Fangirl and Noble Igwe
It was an amazing day to say the least. I got to make new friends, discuss prospective collaborations and all in all meet creative people and have a amazing day. The most exciting part definitely was meeting the Instagram fam and out of the share excitement of meeting praise, I spilled a glass of wine on myself.

Praise and Fola
Fangirl and Praise
Thanks for reading and as always, stay beautiful. XXX


  1. It was so nice meeting you even though we didn't get to talk so much.
    I'm glad you finally loosen up and talked to other bloggers too.
    P.s- You have the best skin tone ever, you actually look so much lighter and prettier in person.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Was really nice to finally meet you 😊😊 even tho you made me spill my wine 😂😂(._. ). Thanks mami ❤

  2. It was great meeting you and Praise is right you look lighter in person.

    1. Hey Fola 😊 still so happy I got to meet you


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