Tuesday, 24 October 2017

How To Make Turtlenecks Look Cool

Generally, turtlenecks are considered a winter staple but seeing as we don't have winter on this side of town,  I'm thankful these days they come in all kinds of fabrics that make them wearable all year round. I think they're pretty nifty but I also know a few humans that think they are dorky and not particularly stylish. So here's my take on the easiest way to make a turtleneck look cool.

Before I get into the details, I have broader shoulder than hips and I always felt that a turtleneck would make me look a bit to macho and highlight it and make me to heavy but to be very honest, I found that it made me look a lot more flattering than I expected and well, I've been hooked since.

Tip One: Stick to Neutrals
For every new trend and style piece it's always easy to start small with basic colours and as confidence grows you widen your scope and experiment. With that said, I feel the easiest way is to start first with basic coloured turtlenecks, so, whites, black, grey and camel brown are your safest bets. Not only because they're easy colours to wear and style but also because neutral colours have a tendency to come across as minimalist and classy.

Tip Two: The Fit is Everything
I think with any trend or fashion fad the most important thing to consider when picking any clothing item is the fit. How clothing fits your body is the  important element of style in my opinion. The reality of things is that no matter what you wear, who you wear, how you wear it, you'll first be judged by the fit of your clothes. It should be noted that when I mean fit, I don't mean tight. So when it comes to styling a turtleneck a snug but roomy fit is what's best because a well fit turtleneck accentuates your form and be very flattering.

Tip Three: Very Easily, Less is More
When it comes to accessorising, if you're new to the trend, keep it simple and stick to minimal jewellery and like I said in tip one, as confidence grows, you widen your scope and experiment more.

Tip Four: Be Adventurous
Fashion's all about experimenting and trying new things. So, feel free to try whatever you want, take tip one and three lightly but two very, I repeat very seriously. Have fun, mix and match colors and enjoy life.

Whilst editing, I discovered I mentioned my love for turtlenecks in a post HERE. Maybe check it out? :$

What are some of your favorite items that your friends don't Like? My best friend has been cock blocking my attempts at getting mules :(

Feel free to let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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