Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Simple Skincare Routine

In a beauty post about a year ago I mentioned a gel cleanser I was in love with and how it made my skin do a 360 and since then, it continued to be a pretty decent romance. About a month ago I ran out of it and when I got to my regular vendor. They didn't seem to have it and I ended up settling for something with similar ingredients and after about two weeks of using it alone, I realized I needed a full routine and array of products so I dug into my beauty stash and found a couple of products I have a love hate relationship with and in a surprising turn around, they seem to have a beautiful synthesis brewing. Individually they don't really do it for me but together I find that they're pretty effective. So here's my basic morning and evening skincare routine:


I bought my cleanser at med plus for 900, I feel like every bargain skincare lover has this cause I heard a few people talk about how effective it is and I guess it juts goes to show that what works for everyone doesn't always work for you. Although it isn't a hundred for me, It's a close sixty. Cleansing and cleansers are generally just milder than your regular bathing soap because of how sensitive the skin on your face is.


There's this great debate about whether one should exfoliate before cleansing or vice versa, I just exfoliate after cleansing. Don't ask me why, I just do there's no logic to it and so far it hasn't failed me so far and I honestly feel like as long as you do both (exfoliate and cleanse) the order in which you do doesn't matter (my opinion). Funny story I bought this little Mr for 4500 and I'm still not sure whether or not I was scammed but I'm finally over it so, I'm just going to stop here before I start spiraling. Its a pretty decent exfoliate except it took me about a week to realize that a little goes a long way.


Toning I know helps get rid of any excess makeup, for me, it's literally to take off eye makeup. Its also for prepping your skin to absorb creams and serums. I hate how the word toning has almost become synonymous with bleaching and skin lightening anyways that's gist for another day. I might skip a step here and there but I never miss this just cause it's the only way I can get all my eye makeup off. I cant remember exactly how much it cost but it was less than 2k that's for sure.


Ideally I'd like to say I do this every week but honestly I don't. I probably apply it twice a month but when I do, its totally worth it. My skin feels super clean, firm and healthy and it really is a treat. I generally mix both because the Queen Helene one is very firming and the Beauty Formula one isn't as firming but definitely counteracts the heavy drying effects of the Queen Helene one. Basically, a mixture of the two I find, Is ideal for my skin.

I typically don't moisturize my whole face after  my routine cause my skin is still deciding what type it is and sometimes its dry, sometimes its oily and other times it's combination and at this point I just let it do what it wants to do cause right now in my life, I can't be bothered. So I use a drop or two of coconut oil under my eyes, middle of my forehead and the bridge of my nose for a little *natural glow*.

I was going for a more serious look but I ended up with this quirky photo 

What's your skincare routine like? What are some of your favorite products?

Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I really dont have a skin care routine I basically just wing it. Du du osun seems to be my life saver. ��.. but Il try a few of yours. If laziness doesn't get to me


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