Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Perfume Obsession x Scentsbybookiekunlere

Hi guys, I hope you're doing well. I've been having a bit of an existential crisis but that a story for another day. I recently had my first collaboration and I'm so excited to tell you guys about it. I've been a Victoria's Secret and Body Fantasy kind of girl when it comes to scents and perfumes. Well, asides from a few spritzes from my parents stash. As I've grown, I've been wanting to buy myself a perfume and I had my eyes on Si by Armani and  ivoire eau de parfum by Balmain. Needless to say when I save enough to buy either of the two my brain manages to convince me that, my mums perfume is always there.  Seeing as I'm not willing to pay for it, I've given up now. 

About a month I stumbled on the Scentsbybookiekunlere page on Instagram and as a fan and a follower of her clothing line, I knew it'd be worth it. I kept waiting for the right perfumed oil to drop and one day, there it was. She was offering Si by Armani perfumed oil and a few weeks after that, she asked for bloggers who were interested in a collaboration and you guessed it, I was one of them. Unsure of what would possible ensue, I sent her a message and about a week later I had myself five samples of her perfumed oils. 

I got the products in November but I've been trying them out and gradually infusing them into my day to day routine. What I love about Bookie's: it's affordable, potent and a little goes a long way. I'm definitely a perfume oil convert till I can justify Blowing 28k on perfume. And as I've talked about my quest to financial freedom, It's definitely not going to be a this year purchase (unless I secure the bag), I'm going to stick perfumed oils for now. 

Where to Find Scentsbybookiekunlere:

What are some of your favourite scents?
How much are you willing to blow on perfume?
Feel free to leave comment in the comment section? I'd love to hear from you 

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  1. Great article. although the bottles look quite smalll. Hopefully the scent lats days or a full day.


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